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With part-time programs offered, plus a range of online courses, it's now easier than ever to develop new skills and interests without disrupting your home, work or family commitments.

If you've ever wanted to develop additional skills and interests, but never had the time, Medix College's part-time programs are for you! Look through our Part-Time Programs for affordable courses that will fit right into your busy lifestyle, enhance your career and help you live life to the fullest.

ABELDent The objective of the Abel Dent course is to gain an understanding of the dental software through competencies in setting up offices, scheduling, patient file information, office staff information estimates and billing treatment.
Basic Wound Treatment This workshop has been designed for health care workers to undertake proper treatments and dressings related to wound care and removal of sutures and clips.
Electrocardiogram The objective of the Electrocardiogram (ECG) Seminar is to understand the technical components of Electrocardiography, the roles and responsibilities of the technician and how it relates to patient care.
English Second Language The objective of the English as a Second Language (ESL) Workshop is to gain proficiency in both written and spoken English as it relates to the standards of healthcare.
English Skills for Healthcare Workers The objective of the English Skills for Health Care Workers course is to gain proficiency in both written and spoken English as it relates to the standards of healthcare;
Emotional First Aid The objective of the Emotional First Aid is to enhance the knowledge revolving around emotions and mental health.
First Aid and CPR
Food Handler Safety Completion of this course will help you attain the knowledge of basic food safety through the introduction and understanding of core concepts.
Home Child Care Management The Home Child Care Management course is for people without formal training in early learning and child care and who are interested in pursuing a career in child care.
Intramuscular Injections The Intramuscular Injections course is designed to ensure that learners have the necessary knowledge and skills to administer intramuscular injections competently and safely.
Developmental Disabilities & Services This course is designed as a general introduction for the public to the Developmental Services field.
Intro to Swedish Massage This workshop is designed to introduce people of the general public to massage therapy, its benefits, risks, and how it feels to perform a massage.
Phlebotomy The objective of the Phlebotomy Seminar is to learn the basics of phlebotomy and venipuncture as it relates to patient care.
Soft Tissue Back Injury Prevention This course was developed by Academy Canada in Nfld. and is designed to address soft tissue injuries with a focus on back injury causes and prevention.
Urinalysis The Urinalysis course is designed to provide learners with information about the urinalysis test.
Birth Doula Workshop The objective of the Birth Doula Training workshop is to learn the basics of Birth Doula work. This workshop is one step towards Birth Doula Certification through DONA International.