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The Massage Therapy diploma program at Medix College provides training for individuals looking for a rewarding career working in the healthcare and spa field. The Medix College Massage Therapy Program is approved by the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 and upon successful completion of the program, students are eligible to write their Registration Examinations. The Registration Exams lead to Registration with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and the right to use the protected titles, “Massage Therapist” and “Registered Massage Therapist”.

Student will learn and develop the manual skills involved in utilizing various techniques involved in therapy. Students will also be exposed to other types of therapy practiced by other Regulated Health Professionals and will understand differing approaches, philosophies, and methodologies to treatment which increases the likelihood of inter-professional collaboration. Training will cover such tasks as assessing clients by conducting range of motion and muscles tests, proposing treatment plans and administering massage techniques.


What career opportunities are available to graduates of the Massage Therapy program?

Registered Massage Therapist

Mobile Outpatient & Home Care Massage Therapists

Massage Attendant

Spa Therapist‎

Spa Assistant


I chose Medix because one of my close friends was going here,

she recommended it, and I tried it out and I only had positive things to say about it!

The thing I really liked about the campus, it's smaller

compared to [university] campuses. There are so many students there, the congestion... Here the parking is easy, it's accessible...

It's a tight unit. Kind of like a small family, it's really nice!

I've seen so many people in a lot of pain, and I've already seen the differences I can make. That just puts a smile on my face. It makes me want to do this so much more.

I've made a lot of friends since being here. Hopefully they'd say the same about me!

I'm sure they will.

One of the most positive things I can say about this school is our instructors.

I've had many instructors through college and highschool. You can tell these ones actually care about you. They'll do anything to help you out, they're the most polite people I've ever met. They're fantastic....AND they know what they're doing!

They actually know what they're doing! [laughs]

My family is actually very proud that I'm attending this college. Just because they see it's a big second chance for me. They’re all very proud of me.

Medix College really means to me that big second chance that I have.

Of all the jobs I've had, those low paying, minimum wage jobs, I was able to get into a career that I know I can make a successful business in, and actually enjoy it.

There's not many people I know who go to work and are actually happy.

I'm excited when I go to school, and actually upset when I have to leave, and I think that's the most bizarre thing I've ever said in my life! [laughs].


Registered Massage Therapists can work in a variety of settings:

Mobile Outpatient/Home Care

Rehabilitation/Multidisciplinary Clinics

Chiropractic Clinics

Physiotherapy Clinics

Long Term Palliative Care

Athletic and Sports Therapy Clinics

Spas and Hospitality Facilities

Self Employment

Teaching & Research


What are common job tasks for individuals working in the Massage Therapy field?

Assess soft tissues and joints of the body for treatment and prevention of dysfunction.

Administer massage treatments to correct physical disorders.

Treat medical conditions and injuries and maintain wellness.

Provide soothing, healing but luxurious deep tissue massages.


Why choose the Massage Therapy Program at Medix College?

Practical skill-building and a practicum component are used to give students a well-rounded understanding of the role of the Massage Therapy. During the course of this program, students will learn all of the skills and be trained in all the procedures that will be required of them in their new careers.

As a mandatory component of our programs, Medix MT students are required to complete an on-site clinical course component throughout the program. This component is completed in the Massage Therapy labs on the Medix campuses. This essential module allows students to exercise the skills learned in class, learn specific applications and to further enhance their learning experience in the health care setting.

Medix College also provides an employment advantage as we have established relationships with many employers in the field. As a result, employers in the field contact us before posting jobs to the general public giving current students and graduates of the program an advantage in the hiring process.


Medix College is a member of the Ontario Council for Private Massage Therapy Colleges (OCPMTC).
Ontario Council for Private Massage Therapy Colleges (OCPMTC) logo

Note that in order to become a registered Massage Therapist, students must write the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) exam at their own expense. Visit their website for more details.


Students looking to start training in this program have a number of options to finance their education. By exploring these options, students will be able to gain financial assistance and support as they are training for a career. Some financing options available to students include:

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) (if Applicable)

Ontario Second Career

Out of Province Options

Student Lines of Credit

Lifelone Learning Plan


Employment Ontario

Monthly Payment Plan

 Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify. Please contact us for more details regarding Financial Assistance.

Medix London - Massage Therapy Schedule

Monday to Friday
8:00AM to 1:00PM

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Gr.12 OSSD/High School Graduate or Mature Student Status (18 Ontario, 19 out of province)

Successful completion of entrance evaluation

Admissions interview


The admissions process for this program is a four part process:

Initial Contact

Contact an admissions representative to schedule an appointment. The admissions representative will be able to answer any questions that you might have regarding the program or general questions about Medix College.

Confidential Interview

An interview will be completed in order to determine if students have the right attitude to be successful in the program.

Business Affairs Assessment

The business affairs assessment is an appointment to determine if students are eligible for one of the many financial aid options.


After the financial plan is in place, enrollment is official and students will be able to start classes in order to train for an exciting new career.